RSS Feed

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS makes it easy to receive updated website information without having to check the site regularly for new content. A feed is a news category or topic.

How to View an RSS Feed

In order to view a news feed, an RSS reader is required. A reader allows you to view the latest news and updates at a particular website. There are two types of RSS readers:

1) Downloadable software

2) Web-based (recommended)

Firefox, My Yahoo!, and Google Reader are examples of web-based RSS readers. Firefox has a built-in RSS reader and does not require additional software. An account is required for Google Reader and My Yahoo!. Additionally, Internet Explorer is capable of reading RSS feeds, but may require an additional plug-in.

Note: If you attempt to view an RSS feed without a reader, it will appear as unreadable XML code.

How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds

To subscribe to feeds, simply click the RSS icon that corresponds to the topic of choice. Some software and web-based applications require you to manually enter the link of the feed to subscribe. RSS Feeds

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