Vertical Jump Training with VertiMax
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ImageSubmitted by: Justin Leonard
Last updated: 5/18/2012

Do you want to be faster? Do you want to jump higher? Vertical jump training is a great way to build power and quickness in the lower body. Contrary to popular belief, jump training is not only beneficial to volleyball and basketball players. Any athlete who desires to have powerful legs can and will benefit from jump training.

The VertiMax is a safe and effective way to add resistance to jump training. For this exercise, a VertiMax waist belt is needed. Alternatively, hand straps can be added to load the arms as you jump. The additional load on the arms allows you to simulate blocking movements under constant resistance.


Stand in the center of the VertiMax platform. Secure the waist belt. Ensure each connection point is correctly fastened. Bend your legs at a 45 degree angle, then jump up as high as you can. As you spring into the air, use your arms to generate momentum. Make this a habit, as it will enable you to jump higher. You should aim to reach over your head with each jump. Perform each jump quickly (approximately 5 to 10 at a time) and with as much force and quickness as possible. Each landing should be "quiet." Always land on the balls of your feet.
Step 1
Secure waist belt, hand straps (optional), and resistance cords. Squat down to 45 degree angle.
Step 2
Jump quickly with maximum force. Use arms to generate momentum. Land on balls of feet. Repeat for 5 to 10 repetitions.
Exercise Details
Speed & Agility Exercises ( view all )
Difficulty Level MEDIUM
The vertical jump with VertiMax is a medium difficulty training exercise.
Target Muscle
Lower Body
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