Assisted Pull-ups w/ Heavy Duty Resistance Bands
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ImageSubmitted by: Justin Leonard
Last updated: 6/20/2012

Make pull-ups easier! Assisted pull-ups, as the name implies, allow you to perform pull-ups with help. In this exercise, the help is in the form of rubber resistance bands. This version of the pull-up is a great alternative for those who are unable to perform a traditional pull-up. It can also be used as a progression to unassisted pull-ups.


For this exercise, a medium band is recommended. Start by linking/choking the band around the pull-up bar. Next, loop the opposite end of the band under your shoe. Alternatively, you can secure the band under one knee.

Jump up or reach to grasp the pull-up bar with an overhand grip. Your arms should be fully extended and slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Pull yourself up until your chin moves over the bar. Slowly lower yourself back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise for several repetitions.

Step 1
Secure bands under one foot or knee. Place hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Grasp pull-up bar.
Step 2
Pull up until chin passes bar.
Step 3
Slowly lower back to starting point. Repeat.
Exercise Details
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Difficulty Level MEDIUM
The assisted pull-up with heavy duty resistance band is a medium difficulty exercise.
Target Muscle
Back (latissimus)
Related Equipment
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