Truck Pulls
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ImageSubmitted by: Justin Leonard
Last updated: 11/6/2011

There are a number of unconventional training methods which can be used to improve strength. The truck pull is one of them. When performing this exercise, the speed at which the vehicle can be pulled is very slow. Thus, it is ideal for building strength in the lower body.

The amount of strength required to pull a vehicle is a bit easier than you may think. The reason is because all muscles are strongest at their resting length. In this exercise, the legs are close to their resting length during the initial push-off to get the truck moving. The same can be said of each subsequent step. It becomes even easier once you are able to generate momentum, as there is a tendency for the truck to roll on its own.


For this exercise, you will need a partner to apply breaks to the vehicle when needed.

First, secure a rope to the truck. At least 50 feet of rope is recommended. Apply the opposite end of the rope to a shoulder harness. Alternatively, a rope that has looped ends (e.g. tug of war rope) can also be used as a shoulder harness.

Next, get into a runner's stance. Have your partner put the truck in neutral; then apply maximum leg force to initiate movement of the truck. As you pull, keep your upper torso low to the ground. Pull the truck for approximately 30 to 40 yards.
Step 1
Secure rope to truck. Use opposite end as shoulder harness. Get into runner's stance. Pull truck for several yards.
Exercise Details
Leg Exercises ( view all )
Difficulty Level MEDIUM
The truck pull is a medium difficulty exercise.
Target Muscle
Hip & Thigh
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