Slide Board Mountain Climbers
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ImageSubmitted by: Justin Leonard
Last updated: 11/4/2014

Slide board mountain climbers are used to enhance power, speed, and agility in the lower body. This is a calisthenic exercise that also works the upper body and core muscles. When performed for extended durations, slide board mountain climbers improve muscular endurance.


Begin in the push-up position by placing each hand on the slide board ramp approximately shoulder width apart. Next, slide one leg forward toward the ramp. Your knee should move toward your chest (e.g. runner's position). The other leg should be extended behind you. Quickly alternate each leg back and forth. Keep your back low at all times.
Step 1
Place hands approximately shoulder width apart. Get into push-up position with back straight.
Step 2
Quickly slide one foot toward ramp. Knee should approach chest.
Step 3
Repeat the movement on the opposite leg. Perform in alternating fashion.
Exercise Details
Speed & Agility Exercises ( view all )
Difficulty Level MEDIUM
The slide board mountain climber is a medium difficulty exercise.
Target Muscle
Lower Body
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