Lateral Slides with Slide Board
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ImageSubmitted by: Justin Leonard
Last updated: 11/4/2014

Slide boards have many uses. They are good for general fitness, balance, and sports conditioning. Lateral slides are used to work the muscles that allow you to move sideways. This includes the adductors, abductors, hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteus muscles.


Place the slide boots over your shoes. Stand on one end of the slide board. Place one foot on the ramp, then push off with the outside of your foot to slide laterally. Continue until the other foot hits the opposite ramp. Repeat the movement as needed.

Lateral slides are typically performed with the hands behind the back. However, it is okay to incorporate arm swings, as they are sport specific.
Step 1
Stand on one end of the slide board. Place foot on ramp.
Step 2
Push off with outside foot.
Step 3
Travel to opposite side until other foot hits the ramp.
Step 4
Repeat the movement back and forth as needed.
Exercise Details
Speed & Agility Exercises ( view all )
Difficulty Level MEDIUM
The lateral slide with slide board is a medium difficulty exercise.
Target Muscle
Lower Body
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