Leg Raise on Swiss Ball
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ImageSubmitted by: Dr. Jeffrey Willardson
Last updated: 1/19/2012

Begin by setting the catch pins outside a power cage to a level slightly above the level of the Swiss ball. Place a standard barbell on the catch pins and move the Swiss ball into place directly in front of the barbell.

Next, sit on the ball facing away from the barbell and step forward to assume a supine position on the ball. With the upper back firmly supported on the ball reach backward and grasp the barbell with a grip slightly wider than shoulder width.

Now, slowly bring both feet off the floor using hip flexor and abdominal strength to gradually bring the feet to a vertical position directly above the hip joints, focusing on maintaining constant tension within the abdominal muscles. The feet can then be lowered to different depths as desired for each repetition. The closer the legs are to parallel (with the floor) in the bottom position, the more difficult the exercise.

This exercise should not be performed by individuals with low back problems and the emphasis for all individuals should be to maintain a neutral or posteriorly rotated pelvis throughout the movement.
Step 1
Lie down on ball with feet extended. Grasp barbell.
Step 2
Elevate legs vertically. Maintain constant tension on abs.
Step 3
Lower legs back to starting position.
Exercise Details
Ab Exercises ( view all )
Difficulty Level MEDIUM
The leg raise on Swiss ball is a medium difficulty exercise.
Target Muscle
Abs (rectus abdominis)
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