Inner Thigh with Foam Roller
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ImageSubmitted by: Justin Leonard
Last updated: 11/6/2011

The myofascial release (MR) technique involves stretching the connective tissue layer that surrounds the muscles. This form of stretching is generally used to alleviate muscle aches and pain. You can think of myofascial release as sort of a self-massage. The good thing about this technique is that your own bodyweight is used to apply the desired amount of pressure on the specific muscle group.

You can work the inner thigh muscles from a prone position with a foam roller. First, place the foam roller parallel to the direction of your workout mat. Next, while on your stomach, place one leg on top of the foam roller. Your leg should be bent at approximately 90 degrees. Use your elbows to support your upper body. From here, simply maneuver side to side, working the inner thigh. Apply pressure to the area as desired.
Step 1
Lie on stomach. Place leg on foam roller. Bend leg 90 degrees. Work area with side to side motion.
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Exercise Details
Stretches ( view all )
Target Muscle
Inner Thigh (adductors)
Stretch Type
Myofascial Release (MR)
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