Box Jumps
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ImageSubmitted by: Justin Leonard
Last updated: 11/6/2011

Box jumps are used to build explosive power (a combination of strength and speed) in the legs. So if you want to jump higher or run faster, this plyometric drill should be included in your strength training program.


A warm-up should be used to gradually prepare your joints for more intense jumps. The recommendation is to start with a 6-inch plyo box, then slowly progress to higher boxes.

Place your feet shoulder width apart. Drop down slightly by bending your knees to a half squat position. This is also referred to as a "countermovement" or "eccentric movement." During this phase, the arms should move back in preparation to generate momentum.

Swing your arms forward and jump onto the plyo box with a soft landing. A soft landing involves bending your knees slightly as soon as your feet make contact with the surface. This prevents any unnecessary jarring of the joints. Carefully step down from the box. Repeat the drill as needed.

Add difficulty to this exercise by increasing box height, using a weighted vest, or performing the jump with one leg.
Step 1
Stand facing the plyo box.
Step 2
Perform the countermovement by bending your knees. At the same time, move the arms back.
Step 3
Swing arms forward. Jump on top of the box with soft landing. Step down from the box and repeat.
Exercise Details
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Difficulty Level MEDIUM
The box jump is a medium difficulty exercise.
Target Muscle
Lower Body
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