Ball Exchange
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ImageSubmitted by: Justin Leonard
Last updated: 9/16/2012

The ball exchange is a fairly simple exercise that can be used to work the core muscles. It should be noted that this exercise requires extensive use of the hip flexors. These muscles reside on the uppermost part of the thigh, and are activated whenever the legs are elevated off the ground from a supine (on your back) position. Supine leg elevation can put a strain on the lumbar spine. Thus, the ball exchange is not recommended for those with lower back issues.

Instructions for the ball exchange are as follows:

Lie down on a workout mat. Grasp the workout ball and extend it past your head. Both your arms and legs should be straight and your body perfectly flat. Next, contract the abdomen and bring the ball to the midline of the body for the ball pass. At the same time, elevate your legs off the floor and bring them to the midline. Retrieve the ball between your ankles, then lower your arms and legs to the floor.

Continue the movement by lifting your arms and legs to exchange the ball again. In the final sequence, you will retrieve the ball with your hands, then lower your arms and legs to the starting position. Repeat the exercise as needed.
Step 1
Lie down on your back. Grasp ball with arms extended past head.
Step 2
Contract the abs. Retrieve ball between ankles.
Step 3
Lower arms and legs.
Step 4
Bring ball back to midline for the exchange.
Step 5
Retrieve ball with hands. Lower arms and legs.
Exercise Details
Ab Exercises ( view all )
Difficulty Level MEDIUM
The ball exchange is a medium difficulty exercise.
Target Muscle
Abs (rectus abdominis)
Related Equipment
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