Bear Hug Squat With Sandbag
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ImageSubmitted by: Justin Leonard
Last updated: 11/26/2013

The bear hug squat is a simple way to primarily target the larger leg muscles (gluteus, quadriceps, hamstrings). For this version of the squat, a sand-weighted sandbag is used to add resistance to the exercise. Several muscles in the upper body are also engaged in order to squeeze and hold the weight of the sandbag.

Start by placing the sandbag near your feet. Pick up the sandbag and turn it vertically. Use both arms to hold the sandbag in place, as in the "bear hug" fashion. Next, position your feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Your toes should be pointed slightly outward. In a controlled manner, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Be sure to keep a straight back posture when you squat. Finally, return to the standing position and repeat the exercise for several repetitions.

Tips: Exhalation should take place as you stand up. Be sure to perform the bear hug squat at a slow to moderate speed and with control.
Step 1
Pick up sandbag and turn it vertically in "bear hug" fashion. Position feet approx. shoulder width apart. Toes pointed slightly outward.
Step 2
In a controlled manner, squat down until legs are parallel.
Step 3
Slowly return to the start position. Exhale as you stand up. Repeat exercise for several repetitions.
Exercise Details
Leg Exercises ( view all )
Difficulty Level MEDIUM
The Bear Hug Squat with Sandbag is a medium difficulty exercise.
Target Muscle
Hip & Thigh
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