Side Bridge (Dynamic)
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ImageSubmitted by: Justin Leonard
Last updated: 1/24/2012

The dynamic side bridge is great because it can be performed without special equipment. This exercise is used to target the oblique muscles, which occupy the sides of the midsection. The oblique muscles are used to assist with rotation of the torso, as well as basic abdominal contractions.

To begin, lie on one side with the legs straight. The elbow should be used to support the upper body. Keep the elbow directly beneath the shoulder. The other hand can rest on the hip or waist area. Next, lift the hips off the ground until the body is perfectly straight. Slowly lower the hips, tap the ground, and repeat the exercise. Never let the hips rotate forward during the side bridge. The body should be perfectly aligned at all times.
Step 1
Lie on your side with legs straight. Use elbow to support upper body.
Step 2
Elevate the hips until body is straight.
Step 3
Lower the hips, tap the floor, and repeat.
Exercise Details
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Difficulty Level MEDIUM
The side bridge (dynamic) is a medium difficulty exercise.
Target Muscle
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